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Bobbie Ryder

Sullivan Construction is the full-meal deal. They are willing to figure out solutions to a complicated problem and then come up with a plan to fix it. On older homes, Tim is a master at turning problematic spaces into beautiful spaces. He and his crew can build new or remodel old structures.

Kathie Zentz

The House Corp Board of Chi Omega in Pullman, WA hired Sullivan Construction during COVID to remodel 2 large bathrooms in the chapter house. One bathroom was originally built in 1932 and the other bathroom in the early 1960's with minimal upgrades over the years. Sullivan Construction was our General Contractor to tear out both bathrooms, redesign and finish both. Due to permitting requirements and wiring needs the project turned into much more such as new power service from Avista, rewiring of Knob and Tube wiring in 1/2 the entire house, HRV units and more. Tim recommended all the subcontractors for electrical work, cabinetry, tile work, plumbing, etc. and all had great craftsmanship. Due to COVID we never met before we started the project! Tim was in constant communication with pictures and updates so at all times we knew what decisions were needed by the Board with plenty of notice. Tim and his team consistently provided us with ideas to improve the design and aesthetics of the bathrooms. He provided direct access to the subs so we could finalize our design. His subcontractors were all excellent and Sullivan Construction did a wonderful job managing all the pieces and roadblocks. Yes we had roadblocks due to COVID related shortages of materials, etc. The team at Sullivan Construction worked well with us - when issues came up they brought them to us for the final decision but they always had information as to pros/cons, solutions and costs for us so we could make informed decisions. Communication was key to our Board since none of us live in Pullman. We used email, text and phone calls when needed. Photos and videos helped us understand any issues. I visited the job site a total of 4 times more to see it real time as they managed it fine without us there. Tim also did a great job keeping all the inspectors and Fire Marshall informed. All appreciated this contact and were very satisfied with the project results. The Board loved how it turned out but the real test is the women that live there - well they were simply shocked how gorgeous it turned out! That says it all! We will be hiring them again. Thank you Sullivan Construction for making our project a total success story.

Dr. Shaleah Jones

Sully was the contractor on our full kitchen and main floor reno circa 2017. He has a network of reliable subcontractors and gives sound advice when decisions need to be made. He is reliable, and his crew works hard. Sully was not phased by decision changes as the project evolved, and he communicated well with us at every turn. Sully is also fair and honest with his pricing. I recommend Sullivan construction without hesitation. 

Jeff Newkirk

Your work was fantastic. I would hire you again in a minute.

KNona Liddell

True quote from Tim: "You're only as good as your worst sub." He only uses really good subcontractors. 

David Rych

I decided to remodel my castle after 20 plus years and get it inside the way that I wanted. This is when I met Tim. As opposed to other contractors that I had dealt with in the past, Tim was very good at communicating, knowledgeable and had great ideas. We incorporated most of these into the new plans. Then during construction it was discovered that the original builder had not put any flashing around the windows on the front of the house which faced the worst weather. The water never leaked into the house, but it ruined all the sheeting under the stone and some of the support structures too. Now, it was a new major project. All the stone on the outside had to be individually removed and repairs made. Tim did tons of research on castles and came up with the design for the outside and for the amazing stairs leading up to the entry. It looked much much better than the original and I really liked the original. He also researched and found a new type of drain wrap to use under the stone that would help divert any leakage even if water somehow could get through. So, for the best contractor , who will work with you to get the best for your money and is intelligent and friendly, hire Tim at Sullivan Construction.


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The Ride to Completion

Contact us by phone, email, or text and send us some pics/sketches/plans/etc of your project so we can find a way to make it happen!

Contact us by phone, email, or text and send us some pics/sketches/plans/etc of your project so we can find a way to make it happen!

The Process

What it's like to work with those fellas from Sullivan Construction

The Process

What it's like to work with those fellas from Sullivan Construction

The Ride to Completion

We look forward to hearing from you by phone, text, or email.  Send us any pics/plans/sketches you have of your project so we can fully realize your dream. 

Lets meet onsite where we can look at your project together and talk about ideas. 

We are a full service Design/Build company and enjoy coming up with creative solutions to hard challenges.   

As we break out the tools and let the sawdust fly!  We welcome any changes you have along the way too.  

We enjoy checking off the last punchlist item and being 100% complete on your project.  Your recommendation to others is what we always aim for. 

Get an Estimate

Got an idea for a Remodel? Send us a quick description of the project, as well as any pictures/plans/sketches you may have.

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