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Sullivan Construction was started in 1997 shortly after Tim ‘Sully’ Sullivan graduated from WSU.   Humble beginnings with a few old tools and a dog riding shotgun in his restored bright red 1969 Chevy truck, each day was a new building adventure.   Fast forward past 25 years and each day is still unique and very much an adventure.   Working with the customer to figure out the details along the way.   Joined by a dedicated team of creative craftsmen, we look forward to helping you with all your building needs.  


To provide a smooth ride through the building process,  while hitting all the details on the head, to end up with a quality product that blends in/compliments with its surroundings.  


As you can see by our Gallery page, we will tackle just about any type of project, regardless of size or scope.  Chances are, if you can think it up, we can usually build it. 

Pictures coming soon!

Our Mission

Just about everything. We get calls from rebuilding a dog house to kitchen addition to building 4 story buildings. Our niche is to find a way, when others can't or won't. We work efficiently to make things happen and ensure a smooth process.  We try to blend proven and new materials with an old school mentality.   

Pictures coming soon!

Services We Offer

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Pictures coming soon!

Our Team

General Contractor

Proudly serving the Palouse 25+ years

Your Local Design/Build Team

with an Aim-True Attitude

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